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You are sitting happily in a comfortable armchair, your lovely cat cuddled up on your lap and purring and suddenly a shower of tiny drops of water descends on you.I took my cat to the vet last week due to him scratching under his chin so much it was starting to bleed.Cat dry heaves can be defined as any repeated involuntary retching that occurs and is not.Chronic Nasal Discharge in Cats. When clinical signs of upper respiratory tract inflammation, such as sneezing or nasal and ocular (eye) discharge,.

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Baum — One of my two cats has been making little sneezing sounds lately, and I am wondering whether she may need to see a vet.

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A sneeze here and there is normally not a problem, but if your cat keeps sneezing consistently.

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Q I got my two rats at. and it has been constantly sneezing throughout. related hormones and the rats become less able to keep these.Like humans, cat sneezing can occur from time to time -- and, usually, it isn.

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By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.Allergies are a common cause of a runny nose in cats,. both of my cats keep sneezing as if they are allergic to something and it seems like they have a runny nose.

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